Do you want to apply tried and tested AAA design principles to your project?

I mentor all clients to ensure they have the design foundations, tools and methods to succeed using their own creativity.

I offer a wide range of design consulting services for the full life-cycle of your project.

  • Mentoring all game/level design topics


  • Establish the key pillars and vision of your pitch/proposal
  • Tailor your game to your intended audience through personas

Rational Systems Design

  • 3Cs (Camera, Controls, Character)
  • Combat (Ranged, Melee, Stealth)
  • Puzzles (How to make great puzzles)
  • Game Economies & Meta-game
  • User Experience & User Interface

Rational Level Design

  • Combat
  • Puzzle
  • Exploration


Feature Development

  • Paper prototyping
  • Rationalisation of features & levels
  • RIP Testing


  • Single-player & Multi-player
  • Shooter
  • Action Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Sports
  • Casual


  • Milestone reviews for all stages of development


  • Agile Production & goal setting


Clients include:


“It has been fantastic working with Heath on the Game Design for our AR mobile game. From creating a high level vision and pillars, to advice on rational level design and narrative direction, Heath has elevated every aspect of our game. Taking a top down approach to the game design has also made the overall development so much smoother than our previous game.

Heath’s expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism have made him an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Heath and would recommend him without hesitation.”

Emma Ramsay – Co-Owner, True Crime Mysteries & 10Tickles Animation, Design & Marketing


“It is a pleasure to work with Heath as his overall professionalism, game design expertise and creative impute is outstanding.

His experience working on “AAA” projects shines through in many ways especially analysing the design and creative processes. His ability to dissect every aspect of a game design, then offer constructive impute and above all great gameplay solutions is invaluable.

We will continue to use his services into the future as he provides excellent value and his consultancy services greatly enhance our ability to produce world-class games.”

Mike Fegan – CCO, GoGallop Studios